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Online classes for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, State Boards, Olympiads, IIT-JEE, JIPMER NEET and other national level competitive exams in both full time (1 year course) and short duration (Crash course).

Who are we

Myprivateteacher is an education start-up based in Chennai. We are a not-for-profit organization. Established in 2011, we have been providing doorstep home tuition services in Chennai & Bengaluru for offering doorstep home tuition to students of all classes and all boards. We are now gearing up on online platform to provide educational consultation pan India.

Why choose us

At Myprivateteacher , we follow a totally new approach of teaching where we work on basic concepts first which eventually lead students develop better understanding to think, observe, analyse and then apply these concepts to solve many practical problems.

We believe every student is unique and hence we help every student in a unique way working with them to fix their difficulties and train with their fundamentals. We use graphics and animations to make concepts easy to understand. We encourage students to follow step-wises-step approach and repeat, thereby helping them to grasp the right concepts


This results in successful learning of the basics and applications of important concepts of Subject. This empowers the students in such a way that they can clear all competitive exams successfully without being burdened.


  • Our team comprises of people from premier institutes like IIT’s , NIT’s, VELS & AMAeSI , etc. with 6-10 years of experience in teaching.
  • Continuous investment in internal training & study materials
  • Effective performance tracking & reporting
  • Quick grievance handling
  • Growing team strength & geographical presence
  • Efficient administration with around-the-weekly report & 24 x 7 Support.
  • Easy to understand concepts, use of graphics and animations, and competitive course materials




How to know if a child requires a tutor?

There are many signs to understand whether your child requires a tutor. Most importantly if your child feels depressed with low grades or low confidence, it’s an ultimate sign to know that your child requires help of professional tutors. Moreover, if your child is scoring great but not feeling challenged enough again it’s a sign that the child requires a tutor

Which are the different ways for teachings?

There are 3 different ways of teaching. Parents and teachers can teach the child at home and school respectively. If that’s not enough, you can hire a private tutor who will provide home tuition Currently, home tuition is the most effective method used by parents and students as per their convenience

How to tackle the homework struggle?

Time management is not a easy task for a child as it is for us adults. If your kid takes a lot of time to complete the homework assignments received from the school or you get a lot of complaints about your child about being late in completing those assignments then definitely your child is facing time management issues. This task can be well managed by a tutor who can help your child and guide him/her to use a calendar, set up a homework schedule, prioritize tasks and finish each set of tasks on time.

Whom do I pay? Tutor or the company?

We charge for the Home Teaching service. To receive the payment, a reliable official from us will visit you so you don’t have to worry where your money is going. We also send you a statement consisting of an evaluation from the tutor about your child at the beginning of each month

What happens if tutoring doesn’t produce good results?

Results will show after a few weeks so give it some time. If still not convinced, you can always feel free to discuss with the tutor about your child’s progress and give inputs to improve it. If still it’s not working then you can also opt to switch tutors or discontinue tutoring at any given time.

How do we work?

With our team of highly qualified and experienced tutors, we help our students to complete their school assignments and prepare them for tests and exams. On Hiring us we promise you that we will prepare your child to succeed at his/her academics