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Terms and conditions for teachers

Candidates applying to be teacher with Myprivateteacher. in should agree to following terms and conditions.

  1. Candidate shall of age 20 or above.
  2. Teacher should agree that they are taking up classes under a contract which requires them to serve the company for minimum of six months under which s(he) is obliged to complete the curriculum of the course s(he) and in case of discontinuation they should inform the company before two weeks.
  3. In case s(he) is discontinuing the association with the company before six months and/or without giving prior notice, s(he) is liable to lose the security deposit.
  4. Teachers shall be not engaging with parents directly or indirectly in any form of communication other than educational feedback.
  5. Teachers agree that they are not authorized to receive the payment directly from the parents or engage in any discussion with regarding the same. Teachers will be paid by company after receiving the same from the parents.
  6. Teachers agree that for every class they are assigned, the company will deduct 25% of amount for management, advertising and other services provided by the company. Teachers also agree that in the first month, 10% additional amount of the total amount will be kept by company as a security which is refundable only after completion of project. Otherwise, they might lose it as mentioned in clause 2.
  7. Teachers agree that to arrange their own teaching aids such as white board, marker, smart board, PPTs, graphics and animations, laptop, speaker, tablet, etc. and assure high speed internet connectivity. However, they shall discuss the course content and course plan with the administration of Myprivateteacher. prior to the every session they conduct.
  8. In case, teachers fail to make arrangements as per clause 6, company may/ or may not provide the teaching aids based on the resources available with company. However, they agree that if company provides the resources, the reasonable charges for the same will be deducted from the salary.coque telephone louis vuittonthis content
  9. If clause 6 and 7 are not fulfilled, candidates may be put on hold and company reserves right to assign the classes to other teachers.
  10. Teachers agree that Myprivateteacher. reserves all right to terminate any teacher based on negative feedback.
  11. Teachers agree that Myprivateteacher reserves all rights to assign or assign the classes to teachers based on their eligibility, experience and feedback.
  12. Teachers agree to maintain a good conduct and professional attitude throughout the session during the entire term. In case, anything inappropriate observed by students/parents/ or any personnel associated with Myprivateteacher. whether verbally or physically or by any others means, the teacher may face legal consequences.
  13. Teachers agree to provide a self-declaration that they are not being charged for any legal offence prior to joining Myprivateteacher If found the same by Myprivateteacher./students/parents, later on, immediate termination of the teacher shall follow from all assigned classes and the candidate is not liable to receive any dues from the company.
  14. Teachers shall agree that they will receive their payment per month which may be paid between the date 1-15 of the next months, depending upon the payment received by Myprivateteacher. from parents or any other consequences.
  15. Teachers agree that Myprivateteacher. reserves right to conduct periodic feedback from the parents, students and teachers themselves and negative feedback may result into penalty in terms of reduction in salary.
  16. Teachers agree to conduct classes and periodic tests in consultation with Myprivateteacher. under the norms set by company and briefed to the teachers during the time of interview.
  17. Teachers agree to schedule the classes in consultation with parents as per the convenience of student. In case of any change in class schedule or cancellation of class, teachers shall immediately inform to Myprivateteacher. by email/message/call/WhatsApp or other means. Teachers are allowed to reschedule the class in case they have some urgent work however, same should be done with consultation with parents and by notifying the company.
  18. Teachers shall not take any personal contract on the name of Myprivateteacher. For any query or requirement that the teacher receives on the name of Myprivateteacher the same shall be informed to the company immediately. Misusing the name of Myprivateteacher for any personal benefit may result into legal actions against the candidate.
  19. Teachers shall receive bonus or incentive in monetary, non-monetary form from the company based on his performance and feedback by the students. However, the company reserves all right to do the same based on the panel discussion and any such demands made from the teacher’s end shall be treated as a misbehaviour and penalty shall be imposed for the same.
  20. Teachers shall not demand/accept any personal gifts/help of any from the parents. Not obliging to the same may be treated as an unprofessional behaviour and penalty shall be imposed.
  21. Teachers shall be required to have periodic meeting with Myprivateteacher administration which may be online/offline and candidate shall be available to attend the same. In case of unavailability teacher shall provide a prior notice in written to Myprivateteacher, failing to do so may be treated unprofessional and penalty may be imposed.
  22. Teachers shall provide a well maintained classroom ambience while teaching, and avoid unnecessary disturbance of any form, should be properly dressed and shall not be engaged in any other activity such as using phone or doing any sort of personal work, failing the same may be treated as unprofessional and penalty may be imposed.


Terms and conditions for parents and students

  1. Parents should agree to pay the fee in advance for the total number of hours, the classes shall be conducted in a month during the period 1-5 of each month.
  2. Parents shall not engage in any form of negotiation with the teachers in terms of fee paid. No direct/indirect transaction shall take place between the parents and teachers in cash or kind. All transaction shall take place in consultation with Myprivateteacher management. In case of violation Myprivateteacher is bound to terminate all the services to the client.
  3. Parents should agree to arrange a login details for Skype or Google hangout, laptops/computers and high-speed internet at their end and should be liable for any mishap taking place during the session. If due to any disturbance at their place, students fail to understand/learn then it should be liability of parents and rescheduling of class will be allowed based on availability and convenience of teachers.
  4. Parents should agree to monitor students at their end whether students are seriously attending the session or not. Use of mobile phones shall be strictly prohibited during the session.
  5. Parents should assure that their ward be prepared for the class five minutes prior to scheduled class with all the study essentials such as pen, paper, notebook, books, pencils, water bottle etc. Students shall not be allowed to interrupt the session in between until unless it is very important or washroom emergency. Delaying of class will be not be compensated.
  6. Cancellation or rescheduling of any class/session should be reported to both, the teacher and Myprivateteacher management.
  7. Parents shall assure that their ward is respectful to the teacher during entire session and any feedback of behaviour of teacher, quality of teaching, concepts and understanding shall be reported by parents to the teacher and/or to the management of Myprivateteacher.
  8. Parents shall assure that students attend the session in a peaceful ambience, and no undesirable noise such as Television, family discussion, kitchen work etc., shall reach to the students or the teachers during the session. This will allow teachers to conduct the class smoothly.
  9. Parents shall not seek any personal help or relation with the teachers and shall not offer any kind of gifts to the teachers.
  10. Parents must assure that students have revised the topics taught in previous class before attending the next class. Also assure that students take the tests, homework and assignments seriously and complete it on time.